Stary Port

Straszewskiego 27 31-113 Kraków
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They say that in Poland there are actually two ports of Gdynia and ... Krakow. In Krakow, something of course should be old. "Old Port" seems like the perfect tavern for sailors. Of course, this is one of the theories where it came from, and the name of the place as well as an explanation of why the greatest, (not only in Poland), Shanty Festival has taken place in Krakow for over 30 years. There are many reasons for sure, but one of the most important is that in this time and place were people who wanted to do it. So, one day, two sailors decided a Krakow tavern should have a sailing environment where Shanties could be organized more than once a year, and tp provide a place to meet and prepare their next cruise or remember the previous one. Inside, one of Krakow's largest basements,  in an area of 300 m2 - designed by the amazing architect "Lord Charles". Charles "Bnin" Bnińskiego established and operated for 10 years one of the most famous sailor's  taverns in Poland - "Old Port". For many it is a regular meeting place, their "port", to which they return, not only from the sea, just to send cards from a long sea voyages, bring their trophies and memorabilia that filled almost all the space. The walls can be found next to the dugout with original Bug nets of fishermen from Swinoujscie, rib beluga, the skin of harp seal, maps, paintings, lamps, shells, worn-in "maritime service" compasses, emergency pistols, amphorae, as well as unique souvenirs cruises tawernianych "regulars", between which you will find the captain's cap, rocket launcher, a fragment of a broken mast of the yacht brought by Cpt. Janusz Nedoma, moorings part of "Captain Borthardta" and many others, and each of them has a story. All this resembles a kind of museum, and a whole exudes a solid piece of sailing history. In 2005, the Old Port was honored by Newsweek as the best restaurant decor of the Year Award in 2005. Since the beginning of the tavern is closely connected with the Krakow International Festival of Sailing Songs, Shanties and of course shanties that ring out every Thursday, and the atmosphere is completed on Friday and Saturday concerts of different genres of music from the shanties and folk with blues, jazz, to the original song and tourism. Every year there are about 100 concerts, which performed all known Polish szantymeni and many groups from abroad including the 30-person choir from Hamburg. For many sailors arriving in Krakow Old Port is a place that you must visit, and whether they are right and that Krakow is truly magical city best see for yourself.
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