Looking for the best craft beer pubs in Poland?
We have gone across Poland in search of the best multi-tap pubs and craft beer bars.

Top craft beer pubs in WARSZAWA

The capital city serves up everything one would need in copious amounts. It’s no different when it comes to first-rate multitap pubs – simply find the closest one and head straight for it! More

Top craft beer pubs in KRAKÓW

The local inhabitants may have come to terms with moving the capital to Warsaw long ago. It’s not so straightforward in the beer stakes, though – the ever-increasing number of multitap pubs and breweries provide ample argument to claim the beer capital of Poland is currently in the south. More

Top craft beer pubs in WROCŁAW

For many the most beautiful of all Polish cities. Coming as we do from the proud Kraków, we’d better refrain from passing any judgement. It’s all down to you – visit both and let us know. More

Top craft beer pubs in ŁÓDŹ

Right smack in the centre of the country, Łódź should feature on any itinerary when travelling through Poland. Where you go from here remains entirely your choice. Just make sure there’s good beer there. More

Top craft beer pubs in POZNAŃ

Legend has it the two goats on the city hall’s building slug it out every day over a pint of local ale. Or maybe it’s just what we heard… All we know for sure is that the building itself, together with the main market square, provides perfect conditions to enjoy a good drink. More

Top craft beer pubs in GDAŃSK

History and the sea are the main themes in this post-German city. Why not order one of the tried and tested beer styles offered in local pubs and go to the closest beach to fully enjoy it, then? More

Top craft beer pubs in LUBLIN

Looking for a city away from the touristy routes? You’ve found it. If you like your beer in a laid back environment, Lublin is well worth investing the time to get to. More

Top craft beer pubs in SZCZECIN

One of the greenest cities in Poland, Szczecin also offers access to the Baltic sea. Not quite as easy as in other coast cities, but we promise the beer is as good as in any one of them. More

Top craft beer pubs in GDYNIA

Not as famous as neighbouring Gdańsk, but who says the pubs are not as good? You know there’s only one way to find out… More

Top craft beer pubs in SOPOT

Located between Gdańsk and Gdynia, the city’s a perfect place for a longer tour. And should you need a place to sober up for a while, the famous pier leading up into the sea will provide all the cooling breeze you could wish for. More

Top craft beer pubs in TORUŃ

Former home to world famous astronomer Mikołaj Kopernik, one of the most distinctive sights to see in Toruń is its planetarium. And if you’ve had enough of the famous sweet gingerbread, there’s plenty of great beer to balance the flavor with some bitterness. More

Top craft beer pubs in BYDGOSZCZ

Some say Bydgoszcz is the Venice of the North. Others say it’s just a city with an unpronounceable name. We say let them argue – just make the trip and make up your own mind. More

Top craft beer pubs in ZAKOPANE

Sunbathing on Gubałówka, a trip to Kasprowy, walking up and down the Krupówki street and drinking great beer in one of the local pubs. We’d recommend doing all these things, while making sure there’s plenty of time for the last one on the list. More

Top craft beer pubs in KIELCE

A perfect stopover on your way from the capital to Kraków. Take your time, find the right pub, and it may well become a destination in its own right. More

Top craft beer pubs in OPOLE

Famous for its music festival, the city has much more to offer. Good location with easy connections is an added bonus – just don’t leave to early once you get here! More

Top craft beer pubs in RZESZÓW

The biggest city in south-eastern Poland is a perfect starting point for a trip to Bieszczady and other unspoilt locations in the country. History lovers, on the other hand, will enjoy themselves in the well-preserved city centre, where you’ll not want for good beer, either. More

Top craft beer pubs in BIAŁYSTOK

Part of a region called Green lungs of Poland, Białystok is the city of choice for anyone with a preference for salubrious, active lifestyle. And as most of our visitors will know, beer is as healthy as good things get! More

Top craft beer pubs in ZAMOŚĆ

Zamość offers a unique combination of the natural beauty of Eastern Poland with Renaissance architecture and spirit. It’s a city you just have to see to appreciate, with beer you have to taste to enjoy. More

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