Polish beer

Regional and Independent Breweries


 Regional and independent breweries

Regional and independent breweries often use smaller scale, more traditional, natural brewing methods as opposed to the modern mass-production techniques favoured by many international brewing companies. More traditional methods, the careful selection of natural ingredients and the brewers experience often result in beers to satisfy the most sophisticated drinkers.



Small brewers give us more choice. Their beers usually taste good too!




Keep our breweries open!

Over the last 20 years many polish breweries have closed down. Some have closed as a result of getting into financial difficulty in a market that has become dominated by international breweries.


But some have also been closed by international breweries as part of their corporate strategies. Bigger breweries can often afford to buy out smaller breweries to gain market share and cost savings can usually be made by closing breweries and, sometimes unfortunately. axing regional beers.




Over 25 Polish breweries have closed their doors since 1995.


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