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BEERPUBS Terms of Use


You may:


(1) access the site for your personal use and enjoyment, provided that you are of minimim drinking age (or older) in your country of residence


(2) download and print material from BEERPUBS for your own private and personal use

(3) forward material from BEERPUBS to other people for their private and personal use, providing that you credit as the source


(4) provide links to BEERPUBS from your own website

(5) choose a username that preserves your anonymity (providing that it is not offensive or violates these terms and conditions)


You may not:


(1) use the website for any purpose other than intended, including for commercial purposes


(2) reproduce or redistribute BEERPUBS or content from BEERPUBS to any other website, including frame or deep-linking, without the prior written permission of BEERPUBS management


(3) abuse, harass, victimise, threaten, or impersonate any other person or organisation


(4) post indecent, offensive, nude or partially nude images on BEERPUBS


(5) post any material that violates any copyright, patent or trademark registrictions. Should any 3rd party believe that any user content posted on BEERPUBS violates any copyright, patent or trademark please contact to arrange for it to be removed


(6) post or use BEERPUBS in any way to conduct advertising, or send junk or bulk email


(7) disclose or share your user account password


User responsibilities

BEERPUBS is not responsible for activity or content posted by individual users. Users are solely responsible for their activity under a user name, including (but not restricted to) their conduct, comments, images, links and anything else submitted for display on BEERPUBS. Users are responsible for ensuring that their actions and behaviour are legal in their country of residence and do not violate our terms of use. BEERPUBS reserves the right to suspend or permanently prevent access to the website for users (or any group of users), where BEERPUBS deems their conduct to be unacceptable. Users should also be aware of sensible drinking guidelines, and are responsible for moderating their drinking accordingly.


User comments and content

BEERPUBS does not as a general rule pre-approve or edit any content posted by users. However, we preserve the right (at our discretion) to remove any content that we consider to be inappropriate. BEERPUBS does not accept any responsibility for any delays or failure to remove any inappropriate content. When registering to use the website, users are giving consent to the removal of any content deemed inappropriate. Users agree that any comments or content they post in the 'public' area of BEERPUBS can be re-published (by BEERPUBS) on associated sites such as the BEERPUBS 'Facebook' page or on other materials. Any comments made by users in their 'personal' notes section of their account (notes made when scoring beers and pubs) will remain private.



Whilst reasonable skill and care has been taken in preparing data and information for BEERPUBS, the website is only designed for general information purposes. No guarantee is given that the website (including pub information or statistics) is accurate or complete.


External links

BEERPUBS may contain links to other websites that are not connected to BEERPUBS. Whilst BEERPUBS takes reasonable precautions in selecting these websites, BEERPUBS does not endorse them and cannot accept any liability for any material contained within them.


Website access

Access to BEERPUBS is provided by public telecommunications networks and other technology of which BEERPUBS and its suppliers have limited control. Therefore, no guarantee can be given that the operation of BEERPUBS will be uninterrupted or error free.


User registration

In order to access some website features users are required to create an account and password. A limited amount of personal registration data is also required. By registering, users agree to provide accurate data and to maintain such data on a regular basis. Users agreeing to register via Facebook provide consent for BEERPUBS to obtain year of birth and gender from their Facebook profile for statistical purposes only.



Users are responsible for selecting a username that will preserve their anonymity, should they not wish to disclose their identity to other users. Users need to consider this when deciding whether to register via Facebook or independently.


BEERPUBS will NOT provide any third parties with personally identifiable data or pass on your email address for the purposes of advertising or marketing. The information we obtain through your use of this site, including any registration data, is subject to our Privacy Policy

Account termination

Users agree that at any time their registration account may be terminated by BEERPUBS for any reason that we deem (at our sole discretion) to violate our terms of use. Users also have the right at any time to ask us to close their account and delete any personal information which we hold about you.



BEERPUBS is protected by copyright which is owned by BEERPUBS management and its suppliers. This includes our web content, web design, our logos and brand names that appear on the website. No rights are granted to use any of them without the prior written permission of BEERPUBS management. Applications for written permission should be sent to:, Ulica Celna 13/16, Krakow, 30-507, Poland.



BEERPUBS also acknowledges all copyrights and trademarks of third parties that appear on our site. Any use of third party logos, trademarks, images or any other copyright material is purely for information and identification purposes only. If any third party believes that content on BEERPUBS website violates any copyright please contact us and we will investigate and rectify as soon as possible.


Pub Managers

Pub Managers agree to keep their pub information up to date. Any Pub Managers that consistently fail to maintain accurate information may have their membership revoked at the sole discretion of BEERPUBS. Pub Managers may share a pub management account password with other members of the bar staff (for the purpose of making beer and events updates etc), but the Pub Managers remain responsible for any content posted through the account. Pub Managers are responsible for ensuring that photos loaded onto BEERPUBS do not infringe any copyright. Pub Managers agree to remove their BEERPUBS window sticker from view should their BEERPUBS membership be terminated for any reason.


Sensible drinking

Every beer we have adds up, and over time it could have a detrimental effect on our health. Therefore BEERPUBS recommends that users take note of sensible drinking guidelines. BEERPUBS promotes an increased choice of beer, not increases in individual consumption levels. Users are responsible for moderating their drinking. Enjoy beer and pubs, but drink sensibly.


Right to amend

BEERPUBS reserves the right to amend these terms of use whenever it is necessary. Such updates shall be effective on posting to the BEERPUBS website. Any website enhancements or new features will automatically be subject to the same terms of use as stated here. BEERPUBS reserves the right to amend (including the addition of new features) or to discontinue the site at any time without notice. BEERPUBS will not be liable to any third parties should we exercise our rights.  Users should check back here on a regular basis to see if there have been any changes. Users continued use of the site will be treated as acceptance of any changes to our terms of use.

The above terms of use shall be governed in accordance with Polish law.


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