10 Tips for Reviewing Beer


Reviewing beer is easy, especially with our helpful tips...



1. Be yourself!

Taste is subjective, so try not to be influenced by others' opinions or marketing. Everybody has different tastes and preferences.














2. Think about the style

Before you review, try to the understand the style of beer you are about to drink. This will help you keep an open mind about what the beer is trying to be and also improve your beer knowledge. If you generally dislike a certain style of beer, you should still be able to objectively rate some higher than others. Also, try to avoid forming an opinion on a whole style of beer based on just one review. For example, don’t avoid all porters having only tried one.



3. Check your senses

Did you know…that most of what you taste is actually perceived by your sense of smell? You will need many of your senses for drinking beer – smell, taste, touch. If your senses are not 100% you will not be able to review beer accurately. For example, if you have a cold or maybe eaten something that affects your taste buds, you will not be ready to review. If in doubt, try the same beer again on another day. Also, try to avoid reviewing beers when intoxicated.













4. Don’t drink from the bottle

It may look cool, but the bottle will prevent the beer aroma from reaching your sense of smell.








5. Use a beer glass

Some brewers recommend using certain styles of glasses in order to sample their products at their best. Many good pubs will actually serve your beer in an appropriate glass. You don't need too concerned with this though, as although a particular style of glass may enhance your drinking experience, it will not change the overall characteristics of the beer.













6. Avoid smoke and smoking

Smoking or a smoky environment inhibits both your sense of smell and taste. Try to find a smoke-free area when forming your opinion.




7. Drink at the right temperature

Beers should be drunk at the right temperature. At all costs, avoid the mistake of drinking beer that is just too cold. All beer when super-cold becomes tasteless. If you have been served a beer that is too cold, simply wait for it to warm a little and notice how the flavour returns.









8. Use a clean glass

Use a clean, fresh glass for each beer. And never try to review by drinking from a bottle.





9. Avoid beers in poor condition

Bottle and cask-conditioned beers taste great but have a limited shelf-life, so if in doubt do not review. With draught beer, the pipes from the cellar to the beer pumps on the bar must be clean. Unclean pipes and other impurities in the preparation process will result in bad draught beer. Again if in doubt, do not review (and ask the barman to check your beer).














10. Drink in order

Be conscious that hoppy, flavoured and higher alcohol beers are more likely to spoil your palate for your next drink. Try to save such beers for the end of your session. Drinking water between reviews will help cleanse your palate. Also, try to avoid reviewing beers when intoxicated.




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