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Then buy a beer. When you have a beer, consider 4 things.....the Look, Smell, Taste  and the Feel of the beer in your mouth?



  LOOK at the appearance of the beer. Basically does your beer look appetizing? Think about the colour, head (foam), level of carbonation (fizz) and whether the beer is cloudy or clear.

SMELL the aroma of the beer before you drink it. Does the beer smell nice? Does it perhaps smell too over-powering, or maybe the beer does not have much aroma at all. Think a bit harder about the specific aromas that you can detect? You may be able to detect aromas of fruits, hops, nuts, herbal, roast, floral, citrus and many more.




TASTE the beer as it hits your palate to detect flavours. Again try to pick out the specific flavours in the beer. With a bit of practice you will get better at identifying certain tastes. Is there a nice ‘balance’ between the sweeter malt and hop bitterness? 

FEEL the body of the beer when you drink it. Does it feel light or heavy (full) bodied on your tongue? Think about the consistency. Does the beer feel weak and watery or is it rich and thick? Finally don’t forget to consider how the level of fizz (carbonation) feels in your mouth. Is you beer flat and lifeless or effervescent?  

When you are finished, remember to record your scores in your BEERPUBS account.

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