TEA TIME Brewpub

T.E.A TIME is Poland's first and only real ale brewpub, serving delicious, award-winning, fresh ales direct from their on-site brewery. The Brewpub also serves as the Brewery Tap for sister brewery Browar Twigg - located a few miles away in Nowa Huta. Featuring on BBC1 television,...
No. Draught beers:  10
No. Bottled beers:  20

House of Beer

An excellent pub specialising, as the name suggests, in beer! This really is the house of beer with upto 150 different beers available at any on time. There is huge selection of bottles beers from Polish and international breweries as well as 18 constantly rotating taps dispensing some...
No. Draught beers:  20
No. Bottled beers:  200

Multi Qlti Tap Bar

Multi QLTI is the latest addition to the growing number of genuine beer pubs in the centre of Kraków. Located in the immediate vicinity of Rynek Główny, the pub will offer its guests 20 taps serving beer from regional and craft breweries, both Polish and foreign.
No. Draught beers:  20
No. Bottled beers:  50

Kufle i Kapsle

Multitap pub boasting 12 draught taps (including two hand pumps ) and a wide range of foreign beers. Fully air-conditioned and an intimate interior , with brick walls and stylish decor . The pub also has a garden off Nowogrodzka .
No. Draught beers:  12
No. Bottled beers:  50


The Artezan Pub is a brewery tap for the  Artezan Brewery . There are 8 taps from which craft ale fans can enjoy beers from the brewery , including some special variational brews, including some a ged in barrels. The decor of the pub is simple, yet bright...
No. Draught beers:  8
No. Bottled beers:  100


Beczka is a craft beer haven serving ales from 7 taps mainly from craft and independent breweries. It is the perfect venue for the beer connoisseur as well as for those looking for some new tastes. This is a modern, trendy place but retains atmosphere and elements of more traditional...
No. Draught beers:  7
No. Bottled beers:  50

Po Drugiej Stronie Lustra

A genuine beer pub serving the best beers available on the Polish market, many in draught form. The bar has one of the widest choices of beer in the city, starting from just 5zł for a large beer :) We also stock a wide selection of stronger spirits, and for non-drinking guests:...
No. Draught beers:  20
No. Bottled beers:  50

Cuda Na Kiju

Cuda na Kiju is a large multitap with a modern interior complemented by large glass areas giving view of the opposite streets. The bar, situated on of three floors, is equipped with 16 taps, thus making sure every beer lover will be able to find an appropriate drink to enjoy.
No. Draught beers:  16

Piw Paw

A unique pub offering 57-multi-tap beers. Piw Paw serves some of  the best Polish craft beer s in the company of interesting beers from the Czech Republic , Lithuania , Germany , England , Belgium , Ukraine and others . In total there are...
No. Draught beers:  57
No. Bottled beers:  200

Bla Bla

An excellent beer pub with 10 draft taps serving craft and regional beers, plus a large selection of bottled beers . Comfy couches and a convenient location in the center of Warsaw.
No. Draught beers:  50
No. Bottled beers:  6

Ursa Maior

This craft ale pub is an outlet for the excellent beers from the Ursa Maior brewery. The slightly industrial, creative interior is warm and welcoming, and visitors can not miss the fact that this is a true craft ale bar, with lots of items (including bears) on display to explain the...
No. Draught beers:  8
No. Bottled beers:  20

Strefa Piwa

Connoisseurs of real ales will love this place full of  beers from small and medium-sized Czech breweries , but also Polish beer craft breweries . Served from 18 taps there are also Belgian beers and American . If in doubt, friendly and...
No. Draught beers:  15
No. Bottled beers:  60


A craft multi-tap pub with 18 draft taps with a well-stocked fridge of beers offering over 50 bottles. The draft range focuses mainly on promoting the latest beers from Poland's growing number of craft breweries, plus occasional choice ales imported from overseas breweries. The venue...
No. Draught beers:  18
No. Bottled beers:  50

Viva la PINTA

City centre beer pub in collaboration with Browar Pinta. The bar specialises in beers from Browar Pinta, but there are also beers from other selected Polish craft breweries available on 14 taps. The bar in tucked away in a courtyard off the main Florianksa street. Food is available and...
No. Draught beers:  20
No. Bottled beers:  40

Forum Przestrzenie

A trendy craft beer bar, located in the old reception of Hotel Forum - a unique, former communist era hotel. Regional and smaller Polish craft breweries are well represented - including Phoenix (APA) from the nearby T.E.A. Time Brewpub on tap, which is available alongside some more...
No. Draught beers:  6
No. Bottled beers:  50


This 2-bar multi-tap was one of the first pubs in the city to specialise in craft beer. Ever popular, this Godfather-themed bar, has upto 30 taps and over 150 kinds of beer in bottles, including many from around the world. The interior is understated yet comfortable, with occasional...
No. Draught beers:  30
No. Bottled beers:  150

C.K. Browar

CK Browar's history reaches back to 1996, when it was founded in the cellars of a building opposite Krakow's Planty (green belt) in the vicinity of Rynek (Main Market Square). This large brew-pub also includes a restaurant and a night club. The beer range includes the lager, dark and...
No. Draught beers:  5


Atmospheric craft beer pub with a smart, clubby feel and interesting selection of craft ales and lagers. The 8 taps are usually dominated by Docter Brew (who sponsor this pub) but there is a large selection of beers (50+) from other independent Polish breweries available in bottles...
No. Draught beers:  8
No. Bottled beers:  50

Stara Zajezdnia

Stara Zajezdnia is a brewery-restaurant and event venue located in a former tram depot. The house beers are brewed with pilsner and munich malts and are served unpasteurised and unfiltered. Beers are also available to takeway in bottles. With the longest bar in Poland, Stara Zajezdnia...
No. Draught beers:  4
No. Bottled beers:  4

Biała Małpa

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No. Draught beers:  21
No. Bottled beers:  4

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