Boston Beer Company

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Country United States
30 Germania St.
MA 02130
Telephone +1 617-368-5000
Established 1984
Annual capacity (hl) 2 933 690

About the brewery

The Boston Beer Company is a brewery built in 1984, and the success of which was associated with the beer revolution in America. Today it is the largest craft brewer in the United States. Boston brewery owns the brand, Samuel Adams (and often the brewery is called simply - Samuel Adams). The founder of the company and iis owner Jim Koch, is in a descendant of Louis Koch, who brewed beer on the basis of his original recipes in the 60's in the 19th century. At first beer was brewed in contract breweries, but the company now has two breweries - the main part of the production takes place in Cincinnati. In Boston, there is a small plant - available to visitors - where beers are still brewed and recipes are developed.

Although Boston Beer Co. is the largest craft brewery and the largest brewery remaining in the American hands, it still has less than 1% of the beer market.

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