Bieszczadzka Wytwórnia Piwa Ursa Maior

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Country Poland
Uherce Mineralne

Telephone +48 694025875
Established 2013
Annual capacity (hl) 6000

About the brewery

"Bieszczadzka Wytwórnia Piw Rzemieślniczych" is a part of the Ursa Maior leisure and conference centre. The complex has a conference room for over 200 people and a shop with regional craft products. The brewery is run by Agnieszka Łopata, known in the beer enthusiast circles as Piwowarka Aga, winner of multiple awards for home brewing and author of a beer and food blog. Five different styles of beer are planned. The centre, and thus the brewery, is perfectly incorporated into the region's nature - the building uses renewable energy, and part of the profits will be spent on promotion and protection of the Bieszczady mountains.

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