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Country Poland
ul. Wrzesińska 24
Telephone +48 61 438 20 96
Established 1889
Annual capacity (hl) n/a

About the brewery

The Fortuna brewery in Miłoslaw dates right back to 1889. In 1939 the plant was taken under German control, and after World War II the brewery was nationalised. The plant then came under the ownership of the Wielkopolskich brewery, based in Poznań, for many years. In 1995 the brewery was regained by the pre-war owners, and in 1997 brewing resumed after major modernisation. The current company 'Brewery Fortuna' was also established at this time. Since 2011 the company has been planning further expansion and modernisation. According to Fortuna their traditional brewing methods promote unique, fresh tasting beers with more aroma than mass-produced beers. Fortuna have tended to specialise in dark lager beers, the most respected being Fortuna Black, but they have expanded their range in recent years.

The brewery still uses open top fermentation tanks.

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