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Country Ukraine
Bogatyrska Street 3
Telephone +38 0 800 507 300
Website www.obolon.ua
Established 1980
Annual capacity (hl) 16 800 000

About the brewery

This large corporation’s history dates back to 1974, when a construction site, earmarked for the future brewery, was sand filled. The commencement of brewing at the plant was dedicated to the 1980 Olympic Games. Interestingly, the plant only acquired its current name in 1986, being names after the district of Kyiv with the same name. The word ‘Obolon’ actually comes from the former times of Kievan Rus, when it denoted low riverside meadows. Nowadays, after more than a quarter of a century, Obolon has evolved into a world-renowned brand, and consumers on five continents can enjoy the best selling Ukrainian beer.

Obolon is the biggest brewery in Europe in terms of capacity, producing 1.4 million hectolitres of beer per month.

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