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Annopole awaits with its own festiwal



Between 28 and 29 June Annopole will host the second edition of Festiwal Piw Rzemieślniczych.


The small village near Środa Wielkopolska will be the centre of attention of beer fans in Poland just one week after Birofilia. Similar to the first edition of the event, this year its character will be very much defined by the presence of small craft breweries from abroad. These will include, amongst others, Dutch Brouwerij de Molen, Belgian Brasserie de Bastogne, British Parkside Brewery and several others, while Poland will be represented by the newly opened Gzub Brewery as well as Bednary Brewery.



Apart from the special brews on offer, this year visitors will have a chance to enjoy concerts, brewing displays, lectures  and a Piwne Imprerium beer board game contest.



More details are available on the organisers’ facebook profile:








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