Week 1 (Secret Barmaid)




"Do I like beer?". What sort of opening question was that during my interview to work in one of the best bars in town? You can guess what my answer was. I said "no" of course. Its true! I didnt know much about beer and was just looking for a job that would pay enough money to help me through university. Anyway, despite my honesty (or maybe because of it) they took me on.


That was 3 years ago, and since then my bar work has changed my whole outlook around beer and in particular good beer. If asked the same question again today, I certainly would not be able to give a one word answer. Im not a beer expert (yet), but I do know a lot more than I ever thought I would. But dont worry, Im not a beer freak. But I do like friendly customers who appreciate good beer and good company. Now what can I get you to drink?


I do hope you like my blog. When BEERPUBS approached me about writing a column for a new beer and pub website I was a bit sceptical. "Why me?" I thought. What could I possibly have to say that would be of interest to the beer & pub loving community? Well, they obviously convinced me, as I am here writing this, and so we will see how it goes. However, when I agreed to start writing for BEERPUBS, it was with one condition... that my identity remains a secret. Hence we added secret to my name. I am a real person, after all, and despite my shyness I will try to provide a real-life, female insight into life on the other side of a good bar. Now was that the Baltic Porter or Miodowe you wanted?


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