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Beer education in Łódź - IV Coolturalny Festiwal Piwa

Coolturalny Festival Piwa -


Between 29 and 30 May in Łódź the local polytechnic institute will host the fourth edition of Coolturalny Festiwal Piwa.


The event is mainly targeted at students, but outside guests are also welcome to come and glean some beer knowledge. Befitting a festival organised on the premises of an educational institution, the event’s first day will be devoted to lectures and presentations covering matters like home brewing, sensory characteristics of beer, its medicinal properties and finally why women can be better beer connoisseurs than men.



The second day will give everyone opportunity to familiarize themselves with the products of select breweries during a picnic. Also on the agenda are prized concerts and raffles.


As the festival’s name suggests, all of the above will be taking place in an appropriately cultured atmosphere.


Coolturalny Festiwal Piwa -


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