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Krakow Beer Trail!

Krakow Beer Trail -


Krakow is now one of the best cities in Europe to sample local beers as well as craft brews from other regional Polish and international breweries. As a result, more and more beer tourists are being attracted to the city. But with so many bars in the city it has been a challenge for discerning beer tourists to find their way around the best places... until now that is.


Krakow Beer Trail


Kraków Beer Trail is the first such guide for tourists looking to visit the best beer pubs in the city (as scored by independent drinkers on and also includes all the local brewpubs.


So how did Kraków Beer Trail come about?


BEERPUBS already provides the best and most complete pub trail for ANY city in Poland. But in Krakow, there are now over 50 bars (as well as brew-pubs) selling regional or craft beers to choose from.


Krakow Beer Pubsl -

50 great pubs selling over 250 draft beers!

CLICK THE MAP to check it out.


“However, we were often asked by Krakow tourists to provide recommendations of the essential places to visit in just ONE day” explains Michal Luszczek from BEERPUBS.


Deciding which pubs should be included in the trail was easy as "the best pubs in the city are already scored by independent drinkers on the website.” continues Michal.

 Krakow Beer Trail


Omerta - beerpubs.plOmerta - a pub that ranks high with independent drinkers for beer choice.

Genuine beer fans undoubtedly like to try local beers when they travel, so the 3 Krakow brew-pubs feature also.



However, it is not just Poles that are now catching on to Krakow as a beer destination. Until recently English-style real ale was not an option in Poland, but the T.E.A. Time Brewpub (the first English real ale pub in Poland) has already started bringing in tourists from the UK.

 Krakow Beer Trail


TEA Time brewery -

English CAMRA members visiting the TEA Time brewery in Krakow.

TEA Time co-founder Sylwia Spiewak explains "Since opening we have seen a lot of interest from the UK. We have featured in 2 CAMRA (The Campaign for Real Ale) publications and have had several UK parties visit us on beer trips with more booked”.


The introduction of real ale is clearly a massive feather in Krakow beer cap, but tourists are also attracted to the local brews available at CK Browar and Stara Zajezdnia in Kazmierz, as well as the esteemed beers from Pracownia Piwa that are available in the best pubs in the city.


Beer tourists Krakow

English beer tourists visiting Pracownia Piwa brewery in Krakow.


For the benefit of all beer fans and tourists, we are pleased to present the first Krakow Beer Trail!


Krakow Beer Trail


To go to the Krakow Beer Trail now click the logo above or here.


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