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Kraków beer fest comes with a bang

Krakow beer festival


The upcoming first edition of Kraków Beer Festival will take place between 23 and 25 May in Zabierzów.


The organisers have confidently declared the festival one of the biggest beer events on the calendar and so far there’s nothing that would suggest otherwise. Throughout the three days the lands adjacent to Rogate Ranczo in Zabierzów will be home to a flurry of traditional attractions, as well as a few special events.


As is usual, the basis for all the fun will be large amounts of good beer available from both Polish and foreign breweries. These will include well-established domestic names such as AleBrowar, Artezan and URSA Maior, this year’s rookies (Bednary, Birbant, Ninkasi, amongst others) as well as well-regarded foreign crews from Lindemans, Thornbridge, Nomad and many others. Complementing the beer experience will be the gastronomy section, ready to fill the most empty of stomachs. Beer paraphernalia lovers won’t find themselves bored, either, thanks to a Collector’s Exchange as well as a display of museum exhibits.


The program for each evening includes feasting till late evening with live concerts held to make sure the atmosphere is appropriately festive. The announced list of bands and musicians indicates you’ll be able to hear everything from folk and rap through country and jazz music.



There is also a good dose of competition on the agenda, with home as well as craft beer contests complemented by a poll for the festival’s best beer.



What about those special attractions? The first one will the an attempt to beat the Guinness record for the longest shishkebab, while the other – possibly even more challenging – will be the first edition of the Run for the Dragon Egg (Bieg po Smocze Jajo), where contestants will have to face a tough route riddled with obstacles and other surprises.


While adults indulge in the kind of entertainment their age permits, there will also be plenty to do for the youngest generation. The organisers have prepared numerous plays and contests, a mini funfair and even the possibility to visit a real medieval fort with knights.


With all the right ingredients, it looks like the festival will be joining the list of the biggest beer events in the country for years to come.


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