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Enjoying good beer and pubs is important for us. Drinking a cool beer in nice surroundings is a great way to socialise, relax or to simply escape from the pressures of the real world for an hour or 2. In fact, for the price of a beer - we can get great company, music, laughter and of course great tasting refreshment in a glass.





Occasionally we may even be tempted to complain about the quality of the beer, the temperature, the music, a lack of seats, or anything else that is not quite to our liking in a pub.


But how much does it really matter?


Maybe, when savouring our next pint we could at least spare a thought for those less fortunate, who have more important things in life to deal with.



This year BEERPUBS has made a donation to the Fundacja Pomocy Osobom Niepełnosprawnym "Słoneczko" in support of 6 year Kacper Rakoczy and his family.


If you would also like to join us, the price of just 1 beer could go a long way and make a big difference.


To learn more about Kacper, click here.




Account number for donations to the Foundation:

Spółdzielczy Bank Ludowy Zakrzewo Oddział w Złotowie
Darowizny na subkonta podopiecznych:

89 8944 0003 0000 2088 2000 0010 Titled: Na leczenie i rehabilitację Rakoczy Kacper symbol 34/R


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