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No let up in beer fest season thanks to Szreniawa

Festiwal Piwa


This Sunday, 18 May, the National Museum of Agriculture and Agricultural Industry in Szreniawa will hold its own beer festival.


Surely you didn’t think the was going to be a break in the beer festival season? Certainly not yet, as this Sunday Szreniawa awaits beer fans from around the country, offering a smaller-scale version of what the biggest events have offered so far in 2014.


Festiwal piwa


Starting at noon and lasting for just seven hours, the local festival’s aim is to both entertain and educate. Most of the usual attractions will be present: from presenting the traditions of beer drinking and brewing from a historical perspective, through a collectors’ exchange, to numerous cooking displays involving dishes based on beer. You’ll also be able to find out more about beer’s medicinal and cosmetic properties.


For the convenience of visitors additional train connections from Poznań will be provided on the day of the festival.




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