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Second May festival: Wrocławski Festiwal Dobrego Piwa

wroclaw beer festival 


Less than a week after the end of Lubiński Festiwal Piwa, from Friday 9 May Wrocław will host another big beer event.


Traditionally organized at the Leśnica Castle, for 2014 Wrocławski Festiwal Piwa moves to the larger green areas around the Wrocław city stadium. Befitting one of the biggest festivals in the country, this years’ edition will offer a programme which will include a variety of attractions catering to both devoted beer fans and more casual visitors.


The former group will be catered to by more than 50 breweries from Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, France and several other countries, as well as the 11th edition of Wrocław’s beer workshops, which gave rise to the festival itself a few years ago. There will be no shortage of contests, too - both beer and label ones - accompanied by lectures on beer ingredients and even tests of a soon-to-be-released brewing board game. Meanwhile, beer collectors will have a field day at the memorabilia collectors’ exchange.


You’ll also be able to bring some diversity into the time spent tasting copious amounts of beer by visiting the culinary stage and the traditional fair, where everyone will have a chance to become familiar with modern and historic dishes and products from the region. The organizers also promise live concerts suited to all music tastes, giving even more substance to the claim that Wrocław, a touristically attractive city in its own right, will make a perfect place for an enjoyable weekend out this week.


wroclaw beer festival


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