Week 12 (Secret Barmaid)

Secret barmaid





I was very surprised the other day when I heard that two customers come into the pub where I work because of me, and not just for the beer. It was a nice surprise, even a shock. They praised me for always having a nice smile for the customer, and my sympathy. It was really nice, as I did not think even that someone would be watching me. It pays to try to be a positive person, after all.

Whilst I am generally positive, it does surprise me when I hear customers complaining about the cost of really good beer. I sometimes have to explain that it is simply not fair to compare the price of bland lagers, that have been mass-produced, with beers that have been crafted by a small, independent brewer using quality ingredients. If we want quality and choice, then surely we can’t begrudge paying a little more, as after all, it goes towards supporting smaller breweries.


Some of my customers have a similar issue with imported beers, conveniently forgetting their geography, and ignoring the costs of shipping beers from countries like Belgium, England or even the USA. I would say that there’s never been a better time to be a beer drinker in Poland, so let’s not quibble over a few zloty. And if you are one of those persons that prefers cheap beer to quality, I’m afraid you have come to the wrong place, but (helpful as ever), I can always direct you to some local off-licenses... if you want.

Now, the highlight of my spring is to finish work, or university, and still have many hours of daylight (and maybe sunshine) ahead of me. After a tough day, like many customers, I often head straight to the pub for a pint or 2 of hoppy, pale gold liquid. I find it just perfect for letting the cares of the world slip off my shoulders. It really works too, especially after hours of study, when the aromatherapy from those essential ales (not oils) really kicks in. And it is especially nice now that the beer gardens are open. Sitting outside, whilst savouring the sunshine with a pleasant brew, is the perfect way to recover from the chores of the day. I managed to score four beer garden visits in three days – and what about you?

Another way to unwind and enjoy myself at this time of year is to get out and about. It is certainly high time for an adventure with my bike. I would love to go on an organized trip, but it’s a pity that I have so little time.. I have a lot of classes at the university, and I have my bar work too. But at least the exams will be finally over soon, and then the summer! Hmmm...thinking about summer,  I wonder if I could still go on a small holiday somewhere? If I gave myself the entire month of May to be on a small diet, eventually, I suppose, I could appear on a beach!


But then again, travel costs for exporting people are a lot higher than shipping beers across the world!  So I guess I will have to be content with some spring cleaning, washing windows, replacing the clothesin my closet. Well I could do that... but there again, the weather’s so nice, and as I’ve never really been one to sit at home.....

... you will probably find me in a beer garden or good bar somewhere.

That’s after you’ve finished your day’s work of course.



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