Week 10 (Secret Barmaid)


We’ve just put a few new releases on tap. Very good too. But naturally, our competition has laughed them off. No idea why… maybe because they’re never gonna have them?


That got me thinking, where does all this animosity in people come from? Is it a Polish thing? I often see people minding their own business without a care for anybody else. Why is it like that? I for one dislike it a lot, maybe because I don’t take people for granted. At least most of them.


How’re you doing burning all those Easter calories? Because I’m not doing well at all. I just can’t resist those mouth-watering, new beers - delicious! I’ve recently re-discovered a great brewery, Pinta. Ever heard about it? Their Atak Chmielu is very popular. Unfortunately we don’t serve this one, but that may change soon...


Well, the climate isn’t making things any easier either. And it’s here to stay until the second part of April. That said, at least it gives me time to get even fitter. Working out unremittingly. Who knows, maybe some kind of small marathon will follow now?


Speaking of which, apparently Lidl’s Nike sports trainers have made a big splash. Think I’ll need to check them out.


There’s no hiding the fact that the whole country can’t wait for the spring to come. This weather is really wearing me out. Constant runny nose and I’m always cold. Makes me wanna sleep through it all. No such option though. Need to get myself together and off to work I go. At least this week has been unusually calm. Exercising, working, studying, over and over again. So why won’t spring take pity on me?!


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