Week 9 (Secret Barmaid)



My week has been a case of the good, the bad and the ugly, in more ways than one.


First the good..  well so it eventually happened, my spring fitness programme has begun in earnest!  Im very happy that I can finally get some more exercise. Ive even had a look around for a bike, but I think Ill need my friends advice. Ive also decided, for at least some time, to cut down a little on my beer. I know it will be difficult to resist all those exquisite tastes and ever new, delicious flavours. It will be even more difficult though, as I have recently taken a fancy to Belgian beers, every one seems to be simply delectable. I wonder what you think of Belgian ales?


Next, St. Patricks Day is going into the good week. Admittedly the Irish religious holiday is celebrated on 17th March, but here in Poland every opportunity to have a good beer is good, isnt it? I know that the main celebratory tradition of St. Patricks Day is wearing green clothes. But what about the custom of drinking green beer – as its not a tradition from Ireland proper. The custom was introduced by the Irish who emigrated to the United States in 19th and 20th century. In Ireland itself the tradition has appeared only recently, more than anything because of tourists, who expect to see a glass of green beer. Did any of you drink the green beer I wonder? I would love to know what genuine Irish people think of it. But, regardless, its good to see so many Poles and Irish celebrating with beer together in Poland. And finally, theres some sweet sunshine to squeeze into my good week. Let this moment last forever.


Moving on to the bad... well around ten men came into our pub. When they entered the bar it was like the usual scene from a spaghetti western, with all the usual stumbling swagger that only stag parties can really perfect. It was only 4pm but the group were already well oiled, but never mind that, as it was only when they opened their mouths that the problems really started. Shouts and insults. Rudeness and obscenities. I kindly asked them to lower their voices, but then one of the gentlemen said: Either you earn good money from us, or we’re leaving. What would you have done in that situation? I replied that they were leaving, after which they did, fortunately. They made me feel like a saloon bar worker from the wild west, so Im happy to stand by my decision.


And the ugly... well there were 11 things. First up, she did it again, the lady ordered the honey Ciechan with syrup, so sweeeeeet. What a waste. As for the other 10 uglies, well I think you can guess who they were!


Until next week.


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