Week 6 (Secret Barmaid)




Sadly, a hangover caught up with me too. As mentioned, a trip to Kraków was on the cards. The citys historic beauty aside, its pubs are not to be sniffed at either. Especially two of them that I really enjoyed. One was near the main square and the other in the Kazimierz district. The choice (of beers) is insane, and the staff more than competent. I have such nice memories from there.


Thanks, Krakow! I will be back soon.

As a bartender, whenever I visit other pubs, I tend to notice things. I noticed the pubs in Krakow for example, that allowed their bartenders to enjoy a drink whilst they work. I think this is really important, as how can we (speaking now as spokeswoman for all bar workers) be expected to advise customers without trying the new brews ourselves first? Luckily my pub manager knows that a
happy barmaid means happy customers, so they are ok for us to sample the occasional beer behind the bar. As I have said before I really like my job. But I do feel sorry for bar workers who dont get to enjoy a beer on the job. Watching customers drink and be merry, without having even an occasional sip yourself is not good for job satisfaction.


Yes, we are going to start working out as of March after all. The spring is coming, and even storks have flown back. Isn’t that uplifting for your spirits?


The fact about silicon in beer stirred my interest the other week. I was talking to one of my girl friends about it - who happens to study food technology. Anyway she told me that silicon is also really good for collagen - and that means healthy hair, nails, tendons and skin. In other words, beer could be an all-in-one beauty treatment! I think Id better have another one.


And last, but not even close to least: my birthday party. Cant come soon enough. Things will get hot. With a cool beer, of course.


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