Week 5 (Secret Barmaid)




So the exam season is finally over...


Lets move on to interesting books! I have two to read. Can’t wait either. In the meantime, obviously, back to my favourite job (really) and to continue the tradition, my favourite question has caught up with us again: "That chocolate beer, what does it taste like?".

Talking about chocolate, I wonder if I need to start a little diet? What do you think? Am so pleased that beer contains zero fat and zero cholesterol! But I think I will buy a bike. I definitely will.

I had a conversation with some vistors from England this week. They were asking me why some of the beers from bigger brewers have started to look like beers from regional and independent breweries. We were thinking of beers such as Kasztelan Niepasteryzowane and Tyskie Klasyczne. I must admit that I have wondered for a while if these are mass produced beers masquerading as craft beers, or if they actually cut the mustard? Well whatever you think, I said it must be a step in the right direction. Have the big breweries woken up to the idea that perhaps Polish drinkers want more variety than 4 or 5 main brands? I hope so.

By the way, we have some really nice new beers on our bar at the moment! Please come in and try them with me. And remember a smile for the sake of all bartenders.


So my Valentines day was very quiet. No flowers, no cards. But I hope the nice guy who came in for a couple of beers at the weekend will come back soon. You brightened up my evening!  Would love to talk more... over another beer (or 2!).


And I am visiting some pubs in Krakow next week. I cant wait!

Things are looking up.


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