Week 4 (Secret Barmaid)




Ha, ha... The guys who booked the table this week amused me. It was my day off, but I still went to my pub for a beer. One of them recognised me and asked which beer I would recommend, so I suggested some Belgian ale. He enjoyed it, I would even say he got ecstatic about it, so his mates followed with their orders and emptied the whole barrel. They asked me again for a recommendation and again they drank the barrel dry. They were very grateful at the end that despite having a day off, I still bothered to advise customers about good beers. Very nice.


Oh, I would just like to let everyone know that if there are only barstaff working in the pub, youre supposed to order your drink at the bar (barstaff are not waiters). I think its easy enough to work out.


One of my favourite beers came 3rd in the Beer of the Year 2012 competition. How did your favourite do?




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