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Premiere of Antybrowar

Already on October 30 a new brewery will debut. "Antybrowar" (literally: Anti-brewery) is a new craft brewery founded in Lodz by a group of beer enthusiasts and experienced home brewers: Magdalena Banasiak (judge PSPD), Boris Banasiak (brewer home, the judge PSPD and Piotr and Joanna Wojnarscy (co-organizers Lodz Offbeer Festival). The premiere of beers will be held in three places, Lodz popular beer pubs: Piowteka Narodow, Chmielowa Dolina and Eclipse Inn. There will be three beers presented, in three different styles: ANTYbiotyk (Saison), a PROstak (New Zealand IPA) and PRObiotyk (Black IPA).

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