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II Krakowski Festiwal Piwa

This weekend begins the Second Kraków Festival of Beer (II Krakowski Festiwal Piwa). On Saturday and Sunday in the Forum Przestrzenie, you will be able to taste the bestthat Polish brewery have to offfer. Exhibitors include not only breweries from Krakow like Twigg, TEA Time Brewpub or Pracownia Piwa (Tap House), but you will be able to try beers from the whole country like Profesja from Wielkopolska and Silesian Kraftwerk. But the festival is not only about Polish beer and Polish breweries - beer lover will also find beers from around the world (Germany, Netherlands, USA). This is, of course, only a small part of surprises and attractions awaiting for the visitors. All the details are available on the Facebook profile and website of the festival:

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