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Festival season begins in earnest



Weather outside the window and the budding nature are not the only signs the spring-summer season is now in full flight – the organisers of beer festivals have not been sitting idly, either!


Still in April (24-26), the Warsaw Beer Festival will take place. Characterising the event will be a particularly generous educational part, with both free and paid lectures and presentations. Proving the required level of expertise will be some of the most famous names of the beer scene in Poland, including Czesław Dziełak, Dorota Chrapek and Piotr Wypych.



Learning won’t be the only attraction, of course, as the visitors will also be treated to beer and cider tasting sessions, as well as the official announcement of results in Warsaw Home Beer Contest.


More scientific and educational character will have a festival organized by the National Museum of Agriculture in Szreniawa, which will be held April 26.




The festival organizers will present the tradition and history of brewing in Poland. In addition medium and small breweries along with home brewers will show their products. And everyone will be able to admire the work of folk artists and craftsmen, or try the special beer cuisine.


The following weekend, 1-3 May, another two festivals will take place concurrently. The 6th edition of Wrocław Festival of Good Beer will offer guests opportunity to take part in sensory workshops and training titled How to recognize good beer.



All this will be accompanied by some good music, which will also be present during Lubin Flower and Beer Fest’s. As the name itself suggests, apart from more typical treats for the palate you can expect some esthetic delights, too.


More details on the respective festival sites:

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