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Łódź preparing for Piwowary

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On 10 April Łódź will host the annual Piwowary regional beer fair.


The three-day event, to be held in the Expo hall from Friday 10 April to Sunday 12 April, will offer visitors a wealth of typical beer attractions. Among them you will find lectures (in Polish and English), workshops and displays, as well as a beer gadget fair. You will have an opportunity to learn and see how to brew beer at home, how to taste it the right way and also how to use it in cooking.


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The last subject should prove particularly attractive thanks to the man conducting the cooking display – the popular chef and critic Robert Makłowicz.


The organisers have highlighted that visitors will have a choice of 300 beers to drink, most brewed in Polish regional breweries. For any beer fan in the country this should serve as sufficient encouragement to visit Łódź during the weekend following Easter.


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