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Real Ale at Rynek

Doirsz Ale from TEA TIME



Real Ale is now available just metres from the Rynek market square, Krakow. The news will delight ale fans from Britain, but will also be appreciated by Krakows growing resident real ale fan base.


Until now, the only venue in the city for real ale was the much acclaimed T.E.A. Time Brewpub on ul Dietla. However, that has now changed as The Dorsz - the British Fish & Chip Pub & Restaurant - located on Sw. Anny (just a few steps from Rynek), has been selected as the first outlet for T.E.A. Times fresh, unpasteurised real ale.



Since opening in 2014, The Dorsz Pub & Restaurant has built up a loyal customer base, serving delicious British Fish and Chips. However, with the addition of English real ale, the popular restaurant has now increased its appeal with beer fans as well as food lovers.


But the step into the real ale market was only possible via a unique partnership with the T.E.A. Time Brewpub and investment in equipment.



This way for British Fish & Chips and Tradtional English Ale.


And just like the fine ales on offer down the road at T.E.A. Time (the first ever Polish real ale brewpub) - The Dorsz Pale Ale is served direct from the cask and is dispensed via a genuine English handpump.


"Real ale is very different to continental lagers" explains The Dorsz owner Alistair McKeown.


"Traditional English real ale is fresh, delicious beer, and it goes so well with Fish and Chips. It requires more skill to look after, but our customers appreciate the difference!" continues Alistair.


"We serve one real ale, a specially brewed Pale Ale that was devised with T.E.A. Time Head Brewer Jacek Spiewak. Its light, hoppy and refreshing - and perfect with our Fish & Chips."


The attractive interior at The Dorsz


And its not just The Dorsz that benefits from the partnership, as T.E.A. Time are now offering fresh Fish & Chips to their customers.


"Its a perfect arrangement for everybody" explains T.E.A. Time co-owner Sylwia Spiewak. "Our customers love our great beers, but with Fish & Chips it means we can serve real British food as well."


The Dorsz Van takes delivery of another cask from T.E.A. Time Brewpub.


It looks like this British-made partnership in Krakow is great news for everyone! Enjoy.


The Dorsz real ale



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