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Craft BEERWEEK, or the weekend with good beer!


Craft Beerweek is just around the corner. This is the first beer festival of its kind in Krakow. From 6 to 8 March, in the Klub Fabryka, beer fans will be able to drink the most interesting Polish beers from Polish craft breweries.


On the first weekend of March in the Klub Fabryka, in Zabłocie, will be held the first edition of Polish beers and craft breweries Beerweek. This means that visitors won`t find there the most popular and most recognizable brands such as Zywiec or Tyskie. But you will be able to taste beers brewed by small breweries, which are created with attention to taste and quality, and often also experimenting with styles of beers.



Beerweek is another element of Krakow`s rapidly expanding beer scene. In the last few months good beer lovers have gained many reasons to be happy. Brewery Pinta, one of the first craft breweries, opened its first pub in Poland (Viva la Pinta!), just a few meters from the Market Square. So did Pracownia Piwa - we can try their beers in the pub Tap House. Quite a surprise was also the emergence of Multi-Qlti pub (so called "multitap", a bar having a dozen tap beers), which thanks to its very interesting selection of beers attracts the attention of many beer lovers.



But that`s not all. In April, near the Wawel Castle, on Dietla Street, T.E.A. Time opened its doors - the first Polish brewpub brewing and serving real ales - a traditional British beer, poured in an equally classic way by hand pumps. What more important we will be able to taste their beers during the Beerweek.


Since Beerweek is not reserved exclusively for breweries and pubs, there will be a place for everything related to good beer. Among the exhibitors we`ll find SAEL, a Czech beer cosmetics company. A good beer should always be accompanied by good food, so the invitation was also accepted by Meat Makers with its offer of beef jerky.



An additional attraction will be the home brewers contest, which will take place on the first day of the festival. There will also be tasting of beers. But the main goals that Beerweek creators want to achieve are education, so the festival will host beer experts and bloggers (including Thomas Kopyra and Michael Maranda), who will share their knowledge about beer, brewing and brewing-related topics (including eg. legal aspects of opening a brewery) during thier lectures.



All the details of the event, a list of all exhibitors, plan of the venue and schedule for each day are available on the website of the organizer:

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