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The dark powers of winter beers

Dark beer powers


Typically for the ongoing pre-christmas time, many breweries are introducing dark beers, regarded by many as the perfect antidote for long winter evenings.


At a time when the brewing scene in Poland has seen the number of breweries grow seemingly without end, the consumers can only enjoy the state of the current market, with the choice of beers available wider than ever before



Everyone who is not averse to some sweetness in a dark beer should no doubt try Raciborski Porter, in which the style-characteristic chocolate notes have been supplemented with dried plum flavours. Should you wish to balance out the said sweetness, the English porter Szczerbaty Smok (Gap-toothed Dragon) has already left the gates of Chmielogród and is offering an unexpectedly high level of hop bitterness.



There’s much more to dark beers than just sweetness and bitterness, of course, and if you’re feeling brave enough Piwne Podziemie has for you its Oyster Kiss. Brewed with the addition of salt and fresh oysters, the beer, its creators assert, apparently tastes ‘beergasmystically’…


If, however, you prefer the beers you drink to simply be ‘good’ or ‘very good’, the slightly easier on the ear Blakalicious American stout from the same brewery should do just fine. The smooth, velvety flavour it owes to oat flakes should also be present in Gagat, Lubrow Brewery’s own take on the oatmeal stout style. A comparison seems the only option for anyone not yet set on one or the other.













Everyone hankering after a good old Baltic porter should turn their attention to, erm, Baltic Porter from Widawa – this time of the less usual smoked variety. Its 19° Plato gravity may not quite beat the likes of Pinta’s Imperator Bałtycki in the body stakes, but on this occasion it is not about breaking any records.



If it’s lightness you’re after, Brownie from Trzech Kumpli brewery should fit the bill with its 4,5% alcohol and 12° Plato. Even more drinkable, and thus conducive to your overstaying a few drinking sessions in the pub, is the real ale dry stout named Black Jack from Kraków’s T.E.A. Time brewpub.



The above, together with many more offerings, are all available to dark beer fans this winter. And if you decide to mix things up with a brew of a more pale variety, you know that a good IPA will always be waiting around the corner.


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