Week 3 (Secret Barmaid)



Oh no. Listen to this... I was having a beer in different pub to ‘mine’, a bar that I like too; when suddenly a guy asks the bartenders if Black Boss Porter was black. The barmaid replied "yes", and that it’s bittery and generally nice. After which the guy says: "Oh, that’s nice. I’ll take Ciechan Wyborne, then". Another guy says he’s driving and so asks for the weakest beer available, but after a while of racking his brain takes another Ciechan – this time the mead one – with 5.7% (passing on several 4.5% beers). Logical, isn’t it?


Since I work in a bar, surely I have my favourite beers. Hmm. True, I do. But it changes – I like pale bitter lagers and also wheat beers. And my favourite IPA is one from BrewDog. They have very nice beers, particularly that one. Yummy. It’s a mix of American and New Zealand hops with morris otter malt. The smell does its thing as well. Not gonna tell you the name, though. And what’s your favourite beer?


He turned up yesterday. He was sitting at the bar. I’d seen him somewhere before… Somewhat handsome. And so it began… We talked, it went pretty well. He’ll be back for a beer sometime… He’s one of those customers that are so easy to talk to. Something pleasant at work.


He’s back. Drunk as a lord. Think I’ll pass.


Work, studies, house, work, studies, work, house. A dismal period. No time for anything, but the seasons gonna come and go, and then we’ll make up for all that.


Czech Republic, Czech Republic’s coming! Let’s go…… Has anyone been? For some brewery sightseeing?


What January won’t allow, February will.


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