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Offbeer fest is coming!



The third edition of Offbeer festival begins on 7 November.


This year’s second edition of the Łódź event is set to provide another great opportunity to try the best beers in the country. The star on the first day will undoubtedly be the chance to try no fewer than four different stouts brewed by the members of the Polish Home Brewers Association, nicely complemented by a guitar concert in the evening.


The following days will abound in both usual beer-fest attactions, such as workshops and presentations of breweries, as well as more unique points on the agenda, such as several film displays.



Those always eager to get out and about will not pass on the opportunity to make a trip to the brewery in Zduńska Wola, while the competitive types can try their luck in a pub quiz.


To sum up, the organisers of Offbeer have once again prepared a varied proposition for both moderate and devoted beer fans, and thanks to the event’s 10-day span a lack of time for a visit just won’t do as an excuse this time.

offbeer programme

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