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Trzech Kumpli recently met up with Piotr Sosin, founder of new contract brewery - Trzech Kumpli (Browar Lotny) - at the premier launch of his first beer in TEA Time.


Why did you start a contract brewery in Poland?


“A few years ago I realised there was more to beer than mainstream corporate lager. I could see changes in the Polish beer market and became excited about contributing to the craft beer movement with something a bit different” explains Piotr.


Piotr Sosin

Piotr at his brewery debut


“I started brewing at home about 4 years ago, developing my own recipes and using more sophisticated brewing equipment as my knowledge and confidence grew. I became fascinated by the different styles of beer (especially Belgian ales) and the different hop varieties (especially new world) that are available".


Piotr Sosin

Piotr brewing at home


"After developing my recipes, and being happy with my results at home, my next goal was to make that step up and fulfil a desire to have my own beer available commercially”.



Where are you brewing?


“To help manage that step up to commercial brewing I decided to start by contract brewing at Browar Rzemieślniczy at Wojkówka. It means I have control over the brewing process and results but I have avoided the significant financial outlay to establish my own brewery. It also provides an opportunity to start small and expand capacity as output and sales increase”.


Browar Rzemieślniczy Wojkówka

Browar Rzemieślniczy Wojkówka



Your first beer is called Its Not Witbier. What is the story behind the name?


“The beer is a hybrid of typical Belgian and English styles. I wanted to create something different that combines the delicious flavours and characteristics of Belgian ale with the lightness and refreshing qualities of English ale. The result is a beer that is not typically carbonated and does not need to be served extra cold for maximum enjoyment".


Its Not Witbier




"It is refreshing but not overly strong. The name acknowledges the refreshing, zesty and delicate seasoning qualities that may remind some drinkers of wheat beer – however there is no wheat malt used in the brew – which may surprise some drinkers”.


What can you tell us about the name and cool logo?


Trzech Kumpli logo


"The name highlights the fact which I think everyone would agree that beer is best drunk with friends. My logo highlights this by presenting three guys sitting at a table with cups in their hands. The bottle cap design seemed to me quite natural, leaving no illusions as to which liquor is in the glass. Finally - the Three Pals logo is to illustrate my desire to introduce something new to the craft brewing scene - a series of session beers, affordable, easy to drink, but not trivial. Just the type with which you can hang out with friends.


BEERPUBS also like the beer bottle cap design of the logo - another cool design factor.



What is next for Trzech Kumpli?


“At the moment I am very much interested in consumer reaction to my first brews. I will then seek to expand sales and develop further brews. The team at Browar Rzemieślniczy in Wojkówka are very open to cooperation on any levels. They are keen to experiment and try different things, so our partnership should continue for the longer term."


Trzech Kumpli premier

Piotr serving the first pints of Its Not Witbier in T.E.A. Time


"I will also produce some more real ale, especially for T.E.A. Time in the future also, so drinkers can enjoy my beers with maximum flavour and freshness”.



How do you manage having a corporate job and your own brewery?


"Brewing is my hobby and passion, I do not treat it as a job, so my contract brewing is not a burden. On a daily basis I work in a completely different industry, so I manage to get an interesting balance."


Piotr brewing at Wojkówka



BEERPUBS would like to thank Piotr for this interview, and we wish him much success in the future.


For more information visit:


Telephone for orders:

+48 791 81 81 38


Its Not Witbier is currently on sale at T.E.A. Time, Kraków.




Trzech Kumpli Premier

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