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Slow food beer initiative in Warsaw

 Slow food


Warsaw organisation Slow Food Youth has begun a crowdfunding project aiming at raising funds to collectively brew a beer based on local ingredients.


Slow Food Youth is a youth organization which deals with promoting regional and tradition foods, education and organising culinary enterprises. This time its members’ attention has turned towards slow food beer, but to achieve their goal they’re going to need your help.


slow food


The first stage of the project in the crowd funding part: a project named Powolniak has been created on with the aim of raising 2 000 PLN, which will then serve to buy the equipment, ingredients and bottles. Next, Cuda na Kiju pub in Warsaw will hold workshops whose participants will study the nitty-gritty of brewing beer, all the while under the supervision of experienced home brewers.


The fruit of their labour will be a saison beer based on local ingredients. Every person to buy the entry ticker for the brewing event will then be invited to Cuda na Kiju for the subsequent party, during which they’ll have the opportunity to try the slow food brew.



If you’d like to try your hand at brewing, but would prefer to do it in a company and with a lot of fun to boot, Powolniak looks like the perfect choice for you.


More details are available at

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