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BREWERY FEATURE - BROWAR TWIGG - a new exciting craft brewery in Kraków

Browar Twigg recently met up with David Twigg - founder of Browar Twigg in the Nowa Huta district of Kraków, to bring you an exclusive insight into this exciting new craft brewery. 


Why did you set up a new brewery in Kraków, Poland?


"Having been interested in beer for many years, it was always my goal to establish a brewery. The big question was where?" explains David.


David Twigg - Browar Twigg

David in his brewery office


David was born in Lincolnshire, England, and has a varied background including many years of home-brewing experience in the UK, a degree in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University, several years as a CAMRA volunteer as well as involvement in Real Ale Societies.


"I had many friends in Kraków, and as a visitor I was always impressed with the  attractions of the city, but the one thing that was missing was good quality beer".


"So with the growing interest in beer culture in Poland, it was an easy decision to base my new brewery here in Kraków".


Browar Twigg

Browar Twigg premises in Nowa Huta

Another factor - which may surprise some Kraków residents - was the quality of the water. David explains the local water "has the right blend of carbonates and sulphates - which is excellent for the style of the beer I want to brew".


The final piece in the jigsaw was when David met his business partner Paulina Golec in Cambridge. 


Browar Twigg

David Twigg and Paulina Golec of Browar Twigg


"I needed a Polish manager to work alongside me" explains David "and Paulina fitted that role perfectly".


Paulina was keen to move back to Kraków, after several years in the UK, and after sampling Davids homebrew her mind was set on joining Browar Twigg.


About the beer


Browar Twigg plans to focus on the production of traditional Belgian and English ale styles with some interesting modern twists.


Black Rob Browar Twigg 

The first beer to emerge from the new brewery will be Black Rob - a 5.5 per cent ABV coffee stout brewed with Indonesian Robusta Coffee. A pale ale - named ANZUS - will follow shortly, together with a very traditional 19th Century dark mild.


Browar Twigg


Fans of Belgian ales can expect to see Belgian IPA and Dubbel, together with some traditional styles like Bitter, Barley Wine and Imperial Stout.


About the brewery


"The plant is a very traditional English brewhouse - designed for hand crafted beers. The equipment may look very modern (stainless steel tanks etc) but there is no automated push-button brewing going on here" describes David.


Browar Twigg plant


"Basically everything is hand operated - including the bottling plant, so we are a true craft brewery in every sense" adds Paulina.


Browar Twigg


The plant itself is a 15 barrel plant (25 hl) and was supplied by PBC brewing company in Bury, England. The equipment includes standard hot liquor tank, mash tun, copper, fermentation tanks and also conditioning tanks. The plant also inlcudes a 6-line bottling machine, sourced separately from Italy.



Browar Twigg


From identifying the initial location, the whole project has taken only 10 months to realise, despite the many challenges of paperwork and bureaucracy involved. The buildings that house the brewery are well equipped, offering lots of light and open space, as well as the potential for expansion and office accomodation.


Browar Twigg malt

 English malt is sourced from Yorkshire


Ingredients are traditional, high quality materials. Malt is imported from Yorkshire, England (also similar to T.E.A. Time) and hops sourced from various countries including Slovenia, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Czech. Interestingly, Browar Twigg do not use English hops.


About the logo


"Firstly we wanted something that connected our brand with Kraków and we came up with the idea of using the Lajkonik. Our version is a fresh, contemporary version of Krakows Mongol symbol" Paulina explains.


Browat Twigg


David expands "What is also important is that the logo blends traditional with modern to create something different. And that reflects our brand - traditional beers with a modern edge!"


Browar Twigg ANZUS


The striking logo will appear on attractive looking, different coloured labels and pump clips which will help users quickly identify the colour of the beer.


When can we try the first beers?


"Our very first beer was available a few weeks  ago, but only as a limited edition at T.E.A. Time." says Paulina.


"It was our own recipe but we brewed it at T.E.A. Time, prior to getting all our paperwork sorted" adds David.


Twiggs First Batch

David and Paulina serving the First Batch at T.E.A. Time


The premier of our Black Rob (in cask format) will take place at T.E.A. time at on Saturday 2nd August. Everyone is welcome to come along and meet David and Paulina from 8:00pm.


Where else can we drink Browar Twigg beers?


"We will have traditional cask ale available at outlets such as T.E.A. Time and hopefully at beer festivals also. We will supply draft beer to some of the best beer pubs in Kraków and Poland  in craft keg format".


"We will also have beer in bottles for local shops initially and export back to the UK".


Brewery Tour Info


Groups can also arrange to visit the brewery in person. Tours can be arranged by contacting either David (English) +48 513 577 712 or Paulina (Polish) +48 880 505 081.


Alternatively tours can be arranged through (+48 508 817 026) as part of a larger itinerary incorporating other breweries and pubs in the city.


David Twigg Browar Twigg


With Browar Twigg set to become the latest Kraków brewery producing high quality beers - Kraków is quickly becoming the city to be right now.


BEERPUBS would like to thank David and Paulina for allowing us to visit and an interesting, detailed tour of the premises.



Browar Twigg bottles

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