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TEA Time (Kraków)
T.E.A Time is Poland's first and only real ale brewpub, serving their own freshly brewed 'Traditional English Ale'...
Punkt Docelowy (Kraków)
Punkt Docelowy is an inviting craft ale bar on the Podgórze bank of the river. The bar offers 4 locally...
Legenda Nietoperza (Zakopane)

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Wrocław Beer Festival
TEA Time (Kraków)
Free entry
12:00 - Friday, June 10, 2016

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Krakauer Stout (Stout/Porter, 5.5%)
Krakauer Stout is a classic S tout with a typical black , opaque colour. It has a pleasant, delicate...
Piwo Tradycyjne (Lager, 5.8%)
A dark gold, pasteurised lager that is usually served with a pleasant, dense white head. The malty aroma contrains...
Raciborskie Karmelowe (Fruit and Flavoured, 2.8%)
This dark amber beer. Foam is beige . Delicate aroma reveals notes of roasted and...

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The only pub in town offering only craft beer! We represent two of the Bavarian breweries Camba Bavaria and Schonram. So with us you will find typical...

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