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TEA Time (Kraków)
T.E.A Time is Poland's first and only real ale brewpub, serving their own freshly brewed 'Traditional English Ale'...
Multi Qlti Tap Bar (Kraków)
Multi QLTI is the latest addition to the growing number of genuine beer pubs in the centre of Kraków. Located...
Stara Zajezdnia Kraków (Kraków)
Stara Zajezdnia to browar restauracyjny, zlokalizowany w budynkach niegdysiejszej zajezdni tramwajów. Smak,...

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20:00 - Saturday, January 31, 2015
18:00 - Sunday, February 1, 2015

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Bojan Kokosowe (Fruit and Flavoured, 5.0%)
It is , as the name suggests , beer brewed with the addition of coconut. It is bright , light...
Okocim Radler (Fruit and Flavoured, 2.0%)
Okocim Radler is a refreshing beverage with a low alcohol content , ideal for hot days . It was...
Svijanská Desítka (Lager, 4.0%)
An unpasteurised, bottom-fermented pale lager. It has a malty aroma with bready notes, while taste combines hoppy...

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A small, friendly bar decorated in a unique style reminiscent of a beach bar. There is a good selection of beers to enjoy - mainly from Polish and Czech...

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